Grooveshredder Firefox Extension For Grooveshark Downloads Mp3

Grooveshark is one of the most used online tool to play songs. Simply go to the website, no account setup needed and one can listen to the songs. Moving on, when it comes to Firefox extensions, one can feel the need of an extension which can enable them to download songs from Grooveshark. Finally, there is an extension which enables you to download required songs in mp3 format in a simple and effective manner.


Download Grooveshredder extension for firefox (click here). Once you have installed it, restart firefox, and navigate to Search any song, double click to play it and ‘save as’ window will pop up. Simply rename it, if required and save!. It’s that simple.


Grooveshredder icon would appear on your navigation bar. You can enable / disable it by simply clicking it.

A simple and great tool to have!Mp3 FireFox Extension – Download Songs In Mp3 Format With Grooveshredder!

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