Groupon SEC Troubles And Controversies Infographic

Groupon is an online service that helps local businesses offer deals to their customers for a set period of time. For example, a car wash business can advertise a special for customers who book in advance. The online service acts as an intermediary, offering these businesses the chance to market themselves directly to potential customers.

Starting around 2007, the company established its name by giving out great daily deals and promotions. Soon starting to face some serious competition, and a financial crunch affecting Groupon. Every other year, shares kept on going down causing a lot of financial stress for the name itself. Recently Groupon SEC troubles came into play. The Company follows a formal investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission and an IPO was almost stopped by SEC.

Groupon SEC Troubles

This infographic, neatly designed and put together, looks at the company’s financial history, a timeline of events, controversies, and problems. Lastly, what can other companies learn from Groupon?. A great graphic, laying out information in a very calm and decent tone. Let’s have a look.

groupon sec trouble infographic

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