Saturday, August 8, 2020

Guide: Asus Transformer Keyboard Dock Shortcut List

Asus Transfomer or more so TF101 was, no doubt one of the much awaited Android tablet. And lately, after launch its quite obvious why this device running Honeycomb was so hit on pre-orders and top tablet lists. We at WT successfully tested this tablet and continue to use it for further testing. Our results have been relative to what most were saying. Great performance with style and design! In this article, we are to share shortcuts for people who are using Keyboard Dock. (which we strongly believe you should).

Shortcuts At Homescreen

Menu + W : change wallpaper
Menu + M : manage applications
Menu + N : show notifications
Menu + A : add item to homescreen
Menu + S : new search (or you can just start typing)
Menu + P : open settings
Home + B (or Search + B) : open browser
Home + C (or Search + C) : open contacts
Home+ L : open calendar
Home + Esc : exit back to homescreen

Shortcuts In Browser

Menu + N (or Ctrl + T) : new tab
Menu + I (or Ctrl + I) : zoom-in on page
Menu + O (or Ctrl + O) : zoom-out on page
Menu + J : open download manager
Menu + L : open search bar
Menu + R (or Ctrl + R) : refresh current page
Menu + F (or Ctrl + F) : find on page
Menu + B : open bookmarks
Menu + H : view browsing history
Menu + D : add bookmarks
Menu + S (or Ctrl + S) : open social network sharing menu
Menu + G : page info
Menu + E : select text
Menu + P : open browser settings
Menu + W (or Ctrl + W) : closes the current open tab
FN + Tab : toggle browser toolbar on/off when it’s hidden
Ctrl + Shift : select input method (universal outside of browser also)

Shortcuts In Gmail

C : compose new message
L : go to Label menu
X : check message in Inbox
V : add label to current message
M : delete highlighted or checked messages
Alt + Up : go to top of Inbox
Alt + Down : go to bottom of Inbox
Alt + Up Arrow : go home position on page
Alt + Down Arrow : go end of page
Alt + Left Arrow : go start of line
Alt + Right Arrow : go to end of line
Shift + Arrow : selects text in that direction (for copying/cutting).
Shift + Backspace : forward delete (on US kbd in stock email client)
Alt + Space : brings up the special characters menu
Thanks a ton for XDA developers for sharing it with the World Wide Web.

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