Guide: Unofficial But Working CyanogenMod 10 Jelly Bean ROM For Galaxy Note

Recently we reviewed a quick guide on installing Jelly Bean AOKP ROM on Galaxy Note. After a lot of research, we were able to find a working (CyanogenMod 10) CM10 Jelly Bean ROM on our very Galaxy Note SGH i717. Previously reviewed and installed AOKP ROM was stable and fast. The only problem the device had was that the device kept on restarting. But no complaints, overall. The very same Galaxy Note was later flashed after a week with CM10 Jelly Bean. Moving on, CyanogenMod as we all know; is one of the most wanted ROMS available for Android OS.

The process is simple. First and foremost you need to have your Galaxy Note rooted. It has to be SGH i717 (Telus variant) and recovery is a must. (CWM recovery preferred). Before flashing your device with this update, make sure to do a complete wipe / reset from Recovery. Installing without doing a wipe is a no-no.

plus: Developers recommend TWRP2 over CWM recovery.

How To Install CyanogenMod 10 Jelly Bean on Android

1.       Download and copy the required files (Google Apps / CM10, Download links at the bottom ) to your SD Card

2.       Restart Note i717 to recovery

3.       Select ‘apply update from SD Card

4.       Navigate to the CM10 file and install it

5.       Install Google Apps while in recovery

6.       After installation is completed, restart the device

Hurray!. As soon as the device boots, you will notice the blue CM10 loader. Sign in to your Google Account, to configure the rest of your applications.

CyanogenMod 10
CyanogenMod 10
CyanogenMod 10
CyanogenMod 10

Feel free to comment. The above screenshots were taken after successful installation. Everything is working superbly.

source: XDA

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