Guide: How To Update Your Nexus S To Gingerbread 2.3.4


The latest Android Gingerbread update 2.3.4 was announced recently. The main feature of the update is that it gives the device a ‘native video chat client’ via Google Talk. If you like your updates done OTA, then keep your fingers crossed, since it might be pushed to devices anytime. Anyhow, this update can be done easily. This would work out for Nexus S users running GRI40 build.

1. Download the latest 2.3.4 build click here

2. Now rename the downloaded file to

3. Connect your device and mount the memory

4. Copy the file in the root of device memory

5. Power off the phone

6. Power it on and get into the recovery mode (power on by holding volume up + power together)

7. Navigate to recovery (using volume keys), and press ‘power’ button to go through

8. Select “update” option and press power to start the process

9. After the update is done, reboot your NEXUS S

You have successfully updated to the latest build 2.3.4. Enjoy the video chat feature which is available in both Wi-Fi and data connectivity.

source: XDA

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