What Are The Hardest Languages To Learn Infographic

When you first start learning a new language, it can be challenging to understand what’s being said. This is especially so if you’re not used to hearing a particular language spoken. You might start out speaking clearly, but as your brain processes the new words and grammar, the meaning may get muddled. Then you need a set course of lessons and lots of practice. That eventually helps you to get to the goal of learning the language.

Voxy Blog, also popular as a language blog released an interesting information graphic titled ‘What are some of the hardest languages to learn?’. It outlines which languages are easy and difficult to learn for native English speakers. Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean are the hardest to learn for an English language speaker !?

Hardest Languages Infographic

The design is simple with rows identifying each section. More of a modular visual data placement which makes it easy for users to absorb and understand the data being relayed. Each section also gives a timeframe to achieve language proficiency in weeks and a number of hours. Hard languages which are difficult for native speakers might take them up to 88 weeks to learn. Find more in the infographic below!

infographic hardest languages to learn

source: voxy

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