History Of Apple iPod Infographic

Portable mp3 players have been around since 90s. Apple being apple decided to work on their own music player and eventually, 1st generation iPod came out in October 2001. It came in capacities of 5GB and 10GB which was a lot of memory for that time. iPod had rapid growth and peaked in 2008. Big portions of Apple’s revenue were reported by iPod sales. It was a hit and took over a huge chunk of market share as well.

In this article, we present an infographic developed by Digital Surgeons, which highlights iPod’s strength in ten years backed by facts and values. A simple landscape-oriented infographic with a dark background gives the Apple brand feel. 10 years are representing each generation and some key facts and figures related to that generation and industry in general. In short, a great timeline of a great music player which looks at the history of Apple iPod.

iPod The Evolution of Music – History Of Apple iPod

history of apple ipod infographic

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