History Of Web Browser Usage Including Market Share [Infographic]

Web browsers are software programs that allow users to view and interact with web pages — the content stored on a website. You can also refer to web browsers as internet browsers. These software programs are usually downloaded from websites or installed on your computer. They are also sometimes referred to as a browser or a web browsers. A web browser is used to display and interact with websites in a way that’s most comfortable for you. With the right web browser, you can easily search for information, read blog posts, check out product reviews, and much more from anywhere using your smartphone or computer!

Web Browsers have some history associated with them. From the old days of Netscape Navigator to the current times of fast browsing on Firefox, it’s an experience overall. This piece developed by ReviverSoft outlines the history of famous browsers, worldwide market share, usage by country and over all median. Click to increase the size of the infographic and have a better view of the whole timeline around the history of web browser usage.

history of web browser usage infographic

source: ReviverSoft

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