Honeycomb Launcher Brings Awaited Look To Android Running 2.1 / Up

With the expected release of Google Prime, the 3rd generation of Google Phone; new look and feel is much awaited. Honeycomb, currently present on Android tablet devices has its own uniqueness and provides a pure tablet interface. Quick overview for the people who are wondering what Honeycomb is? It is an Android update which was supposed to go live after 2.3 Gingerbread but was originally designed for tablet devices. And now as we see it running on tablets such as Acer Iconia, Asus Transfomer and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

Honeycomb Launcher is a clone available for people who want to get rid of stock launcher and bring out the feel of Honeycomb on to the mobile device. Concept is simple and neat presenting all the features of honeycomb i.e. launch dashboard, Honeycomb settings, app drawer, settings bar and more onto the device.

After downloading and installing in less than a minute, the interface and look was similar to Honeycomb. The app is overall nicely designed and everything from the bar, notifications, quick settings menu, apps menu and recent activity menu is neatly place. Though while opening for the first time, force close screen popped up three times and ‘wait’ was the answer to that. Finally on the fourth run everything appeared to be running. Still a bit laggy when it comes to specific actions including accessing settings menu from the bar. Though these fixes can be expected in any of the coming updates. On the end note, if you do want to see how Honeycomb could have felt on your device, do this give app a try!. It is for sure, an experience!

Download Honeycomb Launcher

– Search Honeycomb Launcher in Android Market

– simply scanning the QR code.

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