Horoscope Is An Addictive Free Android App

An Android App For HoroscopeAndroid is always focusing towards its user interests. It is common now days that youngsters are keen to get information about their horoscope. Basically what horoscope tells us is all about love, what is today’s hazards and good things, which way for career is suitable for you, what are the lucky numbers with colors for you even days also and much more. This app is in your palms and you can get information anywhere and anytime.

This app provides you 3 different horoscopes that are today’s horoscope, tomorrow horoscope and monthly overviews. It supports different languages like French, English, Chinese, Spanish and Deutsch. A Sign calculation is also available for knowing your sign. It gives you facility on Facebook and Twitter to connect and tell a friend buttons enable you to buzz the app.

This app is free to download. Get it today and enjoy what your horoscope tells about you.




He is a so called tech geek who always messes things up. Furthermore disaster is that he proclaims to be a writer who, when said to write in a manifest and vivid way - makes things enigmatic and abstruse !

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