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How And Why To Root Android Using One Click Kingo App


To ROOT a device means to get access to the system control. It also means being the only super user of the device. Exact numbers are unknown but it can be said that almost all users do want to ROOT their device once they find the advantages. The pros of rooting include making your phone faster. That is achieved by gaining control over phone’s performance factor i.e. over-clocking.   Secondly users can install custom ROMS which allows full customization and instant updates. Best of all Backups can be set using different managers available in Google Play Store. On the contrary user can void warranty (as per many manufacturers) and if root is not gained properly, device can be bricked for once and for all. But again there are ways to recover, ‘only’ for the pros though.

Usually methods of rooting a device include installation of device drivers and tools, using different techniques and methods. Different sorts of guides are available for almost every device online on how to root the device. But again, its a time consuming process for average user and is based on try-fail-try basis. Mostly but not many end up bricking their device because of improper root techniques. But the ones, who are successful jump into the next step. Which comes in via customization, access to master files, performance and battery tweaks etc. Keeping in mind, customization depend on what is available in developers world. But one can find something for every little tweak they want to do.

Moving to the point, Android users are up for a big surprise. Kingo is a windows application which allows user to root their device using a wizard and via simple-steps. The best part, its free. Indeed there is ‘such thing as a Free Android ROOT’ as mentioned on Kingo’s official website.  Make sure, you have enabled USB Debugging Mode on device. Download the tool (link at the end of article), and install it. Launch the application and a setup wizard screen would appear. It will prompt you to plug the device using USB cable. Once your device is recognized, it will find, download and install the drivers. All you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for the next prompt. Moving on, it will display your root status and a orange colored go – ahead to root the device. Click Root and the rest would be done for you. It would restart your device (number of times depending on device), while the process is completed. It will download, and update all the required files and apps to achieve the results. Wizard would reach the final screen, once the Root is successful.

For ease, follow step 1 to 6 listed in the below graphic.


User can plug in the same device at any point in time and remove the root  or re-root the phone. Which comes in handy, if you have to ship your device back to manufacturer for any reason possible or you have lost your root. Kingo currently supports number of devices from different manufacturers including Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, and Sony. More devices are likely to be added in the list. We successfully tried this tool on HTC One and Nexus 4. And the results were achieved successfully. Give it a try and do comment about your experience.

Download Kingo

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