How To Create A Fish Bowl In Photoshop CS

We already have a design category which flourishes with tons of different infographics/information graphics. It was time to draw out another aspect of design phenomena. Here we bring, a quick tutorial for Photoshop CS. As a beginner or intermediate user, this tutorial is a good starter. The graphic comes with step by step guide to creating a fish bowl in Photoshop. It is simple with a black background and easy-to-follow steps identified in red.

By using a number of tools like marquee, feather, smudge, and different lasso tools a stylized bowl can be created which can be used as a design element. Give it a try, create a fish bowl in Photoshop and feel free to share your link for the acquired result. (click on the image to enlarge)

Create Fish Bowl In Photoshop

how to create a fish bowl in photoshop

(if the image doesn’t enlarge for one reason or another, click here).

source: Artsail @ deviantart

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