How To Install ClockworkMod Touch Recovery For Galaxy S3 GSM

CWM Recovery is finally here for one of the hottest devices of 2012. Galaxy S 3, from Samsung, has arrived in most markets around the Globe. Achieving root becomes a high priority for such a demanding device for many users. The news is, ClockworkMod Recovery has been worked around by developers for this great device. Here in this post, we share a video walkthrough as well as written steps on how to install CWM recovery onto your new device.

ClockworkMod Touch Recovery
Samsung Galaxy S III (source: PocketInk)

Installing ClockworkMod Touch Recovery For Galaxy S3 GSM

1. We begin with downloading all the required files. (click here to download)

2. Download Odin for Windows (only) (click here)

3.  Reboot your device to download mode. To do so power the device and hold down HOME and VOLUME DOWN together. Press the POWER button for 2 seconds until the screen appear. Press VOLUME UP to get into download mode.

4. Connect the device with a USB cable to the PC.

5. Start Odin. (double click .exe file)

6. Verify only ‘Auto Reboot’ and ‘F. Reset Time’ are marked in Odin.

7. Browse to ‘File 1’ (downloaded earlier) from Odin. Click the PDA button to do so.

8. Click ‘Start’ to flash ClockworkMod Recovery to the device.

Congratulations you have successfully flashed CWM recovery on your device. Now users can easily access the recovery at any time by doing a power off, holding down the HOME and VOLUME UP buttons and pressing POWER for around 5 seconds. If having issues, click here to follow up with the developers on XDA forum.

+ Video Walk through For Installing ClockworkMod Touch Recovery On Galaxy S III

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