How To Block Ads With AdBlocker For iPhone / iPad / iTouch [WT Guide]

We always install some sort of ad-blocker to our laptops and desktops then why not on our iPhone and iOS devices. WT has you covered with the help of a small tweak called AdBlocker. AdBlocker allows you to take full control of what happens when you surf the net. It gives you options to delete a website or even upload a list from the Internet which anyone can search for by googling “Adblock list”. Adblock has the ability to go through thousands of list sites without you even noticing any sort of delay. Read on to see how you can get it for free.

WT Guide For Dummies: Block Ads on iOS Devices (Free/ Paid version)

1. You need to have A jail-broken iOS device for this purpose. If you don’t then consider the “guide to jail breaking iOS Devices” and afterwards proceed to step 2.

2. Go to Cydia on your iPhone and click on the Manage Tab at the bottom.

3. Tap on Sources and then Edit on the top right corner.

4. Tap the Add button which appeared on the top left corner.

5. Enter in the box and tap add source then a box appears , simply Tap Add Anyways.

6. Go to the Search tab at the bottom of the screen and search for AdBlocker in the search field.

7. Chose AdBlocker Cracked if you want the free version. The blue or any other versions are paid versions. Install it from the top right corner.

8. Close Cydia after it has finished installing and go to iPhone or iOS device settings and AdBlocker will be there around the middle of your Settings page. You can Enable AdBlocker from here and also tweak other settings.

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You have just manage to save tons of money by not allowing your device to ever show those data traffic hogging advertisements on your sweet iOS device. It works in Safari and almost all games and other apps that show mobile ads. Enjoy!

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