How To Control The Cores On Rooted HTC One X With CoreControl

How To Control The Cores On Rooted HTC One X With CoreControlSingle Core smartphones are still there and in use. By the ‘crazy’ flow of smartphones in consumer market within the last few years, we have noticed differences, be it performance or design. HTC recently launched a Quad-Core smartphone, namely One X. Running a 1.5 GHz Quad-Core processor, this device comes loaded with 1080p capable camera, 32GB storage capacity, NFC chip and Android ICS with HTC Sense.

Still new in market, different user reviews can be found. Moving on, in normal devices running Android platform, one can find number of applications which can help them make tweaks to the system overall. That control can vary from design, speed, overclocking and every single aspect one can think of.

CoreControl, is a dedicated application for One X. Developed by an XDA member Meltus, it allows user to pre-define the number of cores to be used at start up.

Effects? Performance, battery life and what not!.

Drawback? Root is a must to run this app, efficiently and effectively.

Rooted One X users can expect a number of updates for this newly built app. Installation is pretty simple, similar to any other application you install off the market. Click here to head to XDA page to find out more about this application, download files and check the help log. For new users, check the specifications of the phone here.


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