Friday, September 25, 2020

How To Create Customized Android Boot Animation In CM7 / AOSP ROMS

BOOT-ANIMATION-ANDROID-WOW-TECHYOne of those Android fanatics who loves to do modification!? CM7 and AOSP are some famous third party ROMS available for Android devices. Recent a senior member at XDA, released a tweak which would help you create your own customized boot animations but only for CM7 and AOSP Roms.

Before we get into anything, we have 3 simple requirements:

1. Any Photo Editing program which can save in .png format (GIMP or Photoshop)

2. Text Editor

3. Archive Manager to create .zip archive (check out our best free list)


1. Create 2 folders , part0 and part1 (frames are saved in these folders, part0 are usually repeated once and part1 are looped several times).

2. Draw frames manually and save each one of them (i.e. frame1.png, frame2,png, frame3.png ..) save them in part folders (save all frames in .png format always)

3. Create a text file desc.txt (entering the part numbers)

320 480 30
p 1 0 part0
p 0 0 part1

first part is the resolution. 30 is the speed of animation. p 1 0 part0 means frames in part0 will be repeated once, first zero means the folder would loop a lot) (these written properties depends on the number of folders you have)

4. compress folders and desc.txt file in a zip

5. Now try boot animation by:

Root Explorer Method:
1. Rename your animation to bootanimation
2. mount it on SD card
3. Open RE and copy to /system/media
4. Reboot your phone

ADB Method:
1. Download Android SDK
2. Mount it in C:\
3. Set the directory to C:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools
4. rename your animation to bootanimation and put it in the above platform folder
5. Open cmd
6. Type

– adb remount
– adb push /system/media/
– adb reboot

Done, you have created and installed your boot animation on to your device.

Source: XDA


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