How To Easily Share Google Contacts

Contacts are crucial for individuals and organizations alike. Having a good contact management tool is a must. When many ways of consuming contacts exist, having contacts centralized is necessary. Contact management becomes more centralized via Google Contacts. Sharing contacts becomes an essential task in everyone’s life. In this article, we share some ways by which you can share Google Contacts.

The simplest way to access Google contacts is by navigating to Viewing from the desktop it will show you all the contacts for the associated Google account. There are options to view labels, create new labels, import, export, print and view ‘other contacts. Other contacts are all the contacts automatically created via your inbox.

For example, you received an email from a new Adobe subscription you have signed up for. Contact will be added for Adobe in other contacts. At the top, you can also see frequently contacted contacts as well as recommendations to merge and fix contacts (i.e. there are duplicates). Selecting a contact (in the browser) opens the contact details modal including contact details, recent interactions (email) and Google Maps (in case there are any associated details with contact and phone number).

You cannot share a contact from a web app though it is possible from mobile.

Share Google Contacts From Android

From Android, it gets very easy to share contacts as your device is tied to a Google Account. To do so:

  1. Open Contacts app
  2. From the contacts list, tap a contact name
  3. Tap the three dots at the top right
  4. Tap Share and select the method of sharing the contact.

Share Google Contacts From iOS

Just a reminder: if you are a new Google user on iOS, you will need to add a new account as Google, sign in and save to start syncing. If you having issues syncing the contacts, make sure to import Google contacts to your iOS device through a Gmail account. This will allow a proper sync of all of your contacts. To do so on an iOS device:

  1. Tap a contact
  2. Tap Share Contact
  3. Select the method of sharing the contact

If you still having issues with sync, check out Google Support.

share google contacts ios

Keeping in mind, that sharing the contact sends all the information from the contact’s profile or card.

Share Google Contacts On Google Workspace

There is an extension available for Google Workspace which adds sharing capabilities to your Gmail. It allows you all the control which you will have from within Gmail plus the ability to share contact lists.

To start,

  1. install the Addon from Google Workspace Marketplace
  2. Refresh your browser tab or open a new session
  3. Open an email from the inbox
  4. Select the new icon under contacts on the right menu
  5. You can share and/or edit the contact
  6. Make necessary adjustments if you select ‘share’ And the contact is now available.😎

Download Shared Contacts

➡️Share Contacts for Gmail(Google Workspace Marketplace)

➡️Shared Contacts for Google Calendar(Google Workspace Marketplace)

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