Friday, November 15, 2019

How To Sync Pictures / Videos / Apps From iPad 1 To iPad 2

Switching from iPad 1 to the new one, which is dual core in speed, is slimmer and with cameras on both sides! The next question which beeps in the mind is how to easily transfer everything from the old one to the new one. In this small yet useful guide, we will explain how to easily make this transfer. The process is easy yet a bit time consuming.

1. Make sure, you have the latest iTunes installed on your machine. (Click here to download)

2. Launch iTunes and connect your iPad 1 (1st generation) with a USB cable.

3. You will notice your iPad appearing and the sync starts.

4. Right click on your iPad and click ‘Backup’. iTunes will start doing the backup. Total time totally depends on the data amount you are trying to backup.

5. Once done, unplug your iPad 1 and connect iPad 2 with the system in similar manner.

6. Pop up would appear on iTunes, for the new iPad setup.

7. Select ‘Restore from a backup’.

8. Select the most recent backup which was done from your old iPad.

9. Hit ‘OK’ and iTunes would start restoring your backup to the new iPad (2).

10. Wait for it to finish, iPad 2 would restart on its own when the process completes. Again, the time varies on the amount of data and files you are syncing. Keeping in mind this would transfer your music, pictures, videos and apps.

And you have successful transferred your data and files to the new iPad.

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