Friday, June 5, 2020

How To Enable / Disable Touchpad To Avoid Clicks While Typing [Tool]

Most of the laptops have the exclusive bug of touch pad. This particular bug disorients everything and sends users into a deep trauma once they are typing. This happens because of sudden accidental touches on the touch pad which end up being clicks. Later on, these clicks end up somewhere else on the screen, maybe at some other line or in between two words. Moving on from the problem, the quick solution is simply a tool which can disable touch pad when typing.

Touchpad Blocker makes this event possible. Simply download the tool and enjoy the quick enabling / disabling. Users can hit ALT+ F9 to block accidental clicks or touch, or jump into tool settings by a quick query, CTRL + Click. More controls include automatic run at start up, system tray notification, time interval setting for block of taps and clicks, enable blocking of move and wheel events, and user-defined keyboard shortcuts.

Again many new laptops might have the facility of quick disable of touchpad by a similar shortcut but its still not commonly available among consumers. Though this tool can be useful for a number of users, users who have their touchpad not perfectly designed, are too sensitive or just want the control which is not there by default. Touchpad is available for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

Download Touchpad Blocker


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