Saturday, August 8, 2020

How To: Fix Asus Transformer FPS Issue While Playing Flash

Asus Transfomer, no doubt one of the hotest tablets around in the market for now! Why? apart from its powerful tegra processor comes the great battery performance which did beat iPad 2 as well as the new Galaxy Tab. (source: our own tests) Moving on, Honeycomb still in the process of Andro-evolution has problem playing flash content to 30 fps (frames per second). Folks at XDA continuing there hardcore development towards mobile platforms found something out of ordinary. A specific ‘file’ was not getting installed after updating Flash Player. Some devices end up with this situation. The file is key since it makes the browser talk to Flash Player.

To know FPS, click here to run a  Video Test!

To fix this specific issue of low frames per second in the browser, the missing file needs to be installed or flashed onto the device.

1. Clear Browser data.

2. Reinstall the latest version of Flash Player from Market.

3. Flash into CWM Recovery or manually load the file. To download the file for stock browser or Dolphin, Click here!

This was tested on Asus Transfomer. Having problems or to give feedback to developers, click here!

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