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How To Fix GPS On HTC One S And One X [Guide]


How To Fix GPS On HTC One S And One X [Guide]Since the evolution of smartphones and GPS systems. Tweaks and updates have been following around for better, accurate and faster results. Development goes around 24/7 to make the required adjustments as devices come in market. HTC users will be thrilled as well all know that Sense UI developed on top of Android is a bit laggy in different aspects. GPS, for sure one of them.

Developers from XDA community have created tweaks for HTC One S and X, which were recently pushed in consumer market. The fix can be flashed via recovery. The developer assures that users will notice improvements once this tweak is flashed through recovery. One S users can also give GPS status app a try to find out about accuracy and performance. If not then apply this tweak and make GPS reception better overall. Lets look at some of the basic steps and file download guide for each device and regions.

1. Download the file (One X / One S )

2. Transfer the downloaded file to SD Card on device.

3. Check MD5

4. Reboot device, get into recovery mode and flash recovery.

5. Reboot the device.

After performing the tweak, it might take sometime for it to refresh properly because it would need to pull aGPS data for which data connection would be required. It can also be downloaded from the GPS status app. For more concerns, questions regarding the tweak, head to this post at XDA.


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