How To Gain Permanent Root For Barnes And Noble’s Nook Tablet

Nook is a powerful tablet which is cheaper then the rival Kindle Fire. And the best way to know your tablet beast is to put it on test. Exclusively, if its running Android, then the story goes to a new season. Developers at XDA, the famous community which is keen on mobile development has recently tweaked a root for Nook. Let’s see how it works.


Install drivers. (Click here to download)

Download APK file which helps pull up the USB Debugging Menu. (Click here to download)

Download Nook Files (click here to download)

1. Download APK File to enable USB Debugging. Install it and open menu. Click Development and Enable USB Debugging Mode. Disable auto-mount if enabled.

2. Open the downloaded Nook Files and run NootandZergy.bat file.

3. Let it finish the process. Reboot Nook and you should have root access.

If unable to gain root or having issues overall, click here to follow the developers at XDA.

source: XDA

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