How To Use Asus Transformer TF-101 As A Free Android Phone

Have this great device known as the Transformer? Willing to make free calls from it?! In this guide we will show you how to use your Asus Transformer as a free phone. As we all know, this device runs on Android. To make your Transformer functional as a phone there are some basic requirements.


Google Voice Setup
csipsimple / sipdroid
data connectivity / Wi-Fi
ipkall number for free calling


1. Download SIPDroid
2. Register for  a Google Voice Account
3. Launch SIPDroid and create a account with Google Voice Account Information

(according to developer it cannot automatically configure due to shortage)

4. Launch IPKall
5. Navigate to settings of SIPDroid and put in the first account information. ([email protected])
6. Navigate back to IPKall, enter SIP# (XXXX-200) and SIP Proxy (
7. Register your IPKall number with Google Voice

Done, now you can make and recieve calls via your Transformer.

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