How To Wirelessly Sync Pictures / Videos Between iTouch / iPhone / iPad

Previously we wrote an easy guide to quickly transfer pictures, videos, and apps from iPad 1 to 2. The process was simple, easy yet a bit time consuming depending on how much you are transferring. Though, in this article we present an iOS App which allows you to do these transfers excluding apps, wirelessly. Its called Photosync.

This apps take pictures and video handling to another level. Known as the first app which makes these successful transfers from one device to another, this app has the capability to go beyond. Users can also do quick transfer to computer, Dropbox, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, FTP and other services. Simple transfers can be done by selecting and choosing a destination. The sync process continues in the background without any interference.

Other useful features include ‘Quick Transfer Mode’, which enables you to set a default service for transfer. Users can make quick exchange between iOS devices (iPhone, iTouch and iPad) by just having the app installed.  Pictures and videos can be imported into Mac softwares like Aperture and iPhoto for editing purposes. Another added feature is access by web browser. Provided, you are on the same wireless network!. A very useful app which is available on iTunes for $1.99.

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