How Can You Find Almost Anything On Google

Lets google it. A common phrase we come across daily. Actually; we can agree that it’s more than a common phrase. It’s our go-to place to find anything – location, restaurants, flights, etc etc.. and the list goes on. Google handles billions of search every single day globally. No wonder its big, its Google.Google has some tips built into the engine which most of us already know. For example; to find the status of the flight which your friend has boarded from Dubai en route to Toronto. You type EK 242 (the flight #) and hit search. A user card is visible highlighting the flight details with the source it is being pulled from. Quite simple and amazing at the same time. In a typical manner; you’d end up on a service website to check on the flight status.

This infographic is more of a guide for users on how to find almost anything on Google. Yes, anything. They include the status of flight, release date for movies, conversions, team games and many more. The infographic is very simplified in design. Key aspects of finding almost anything in Google are visible. For Atari enthusiasts – try searching atari breakout and enjoy the game as it unfolds in Google images.

how to find almost anything on google infographic

source: Infographic Journal

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