HTC Thunderbolt Gets rooted – Advantages And Disadvantages

HTC Thunderbolt RootedHTC Thunderbolt has been rooted after just being available. And IRC developers spent the last 72 hours preparing the new HTC Thunderbolt for custom ROMs, not an easy job at all. Today they have finally succeeded to root HTC Thunderbolt but for many this victory is bittersweet. For other Thunderbolt users this may be good as this do not take a long to root the device.

This success may mean the end of a generally hacker-friendly era from the people at HTC. Rooting your Thunderbolt can be a great thing providing you don’t download pirated Android apps. Devices from Taiwanese manufacturers usually prove to be simple to amend but comparatively Verizon’s LTE flagship was found fully locked down, signed boot leader, signed kernel and signed recovery image, by the hacker community.

Let’s have a look at advantages and disadvantages of Rooting the HTC Thunderbolt



-Root with read/write access to /system

– Ability to downgrade and flash any RUU (i.e. signed firmware)

– Fully unlocked boot loader


– Voids warranty

– Could brick your phone if you aren’t careful

Users who simply want to over lock Thunderbolt device can find all the instructions at Android Police, the only issue with these instructions may be the exceptional length.




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