HTCDev Allows Bootloader Unlock On HTC EVO 3D And Sensation 4G

HTC ends up doing something out of ordinary at times. Google Nexus One was one of those choices! This new one we are about to reveal is ‘different’ again. As it says on the website that ‘HTC is committed to assisting customers in unlocking boot loaders for HTC devices..‘ Hopefully this statement did ring something somewhere?! There were words in the air some days ago that HTC will officially allow unlocking of the bootloader and it is here finally. “Unlock the possibilities with total customization”, is what currently HTC is believing in. Hopefully it ends up being a great plus for the users and developers. HTCDev Allows Bootloader Unlock On HTC EVO 3D And Sensation 4G

EVO 3D and Sensation 4G can be easily unlocked right form HTC website(link below). They have status updates available for these devices. Green for unlock-able!! If you have any of these devices, simply click here and see if you qualify to unlock. If yes, then you’d be required to create a HTC Developer account. First of all, it uses Android SDK to run fastboot command like any other unlocking process. Identifier token is released and is submitted to HTC Dev. It validates the token and in return user will recieve an unlock key via email!. Yes its that simple.

Though even HTC would recommend you not to unlock the boot loader provided you want to do so, because of number of risk involved!

Click here to Unlock your Boot Loader via

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