IM+ Pro Signs In You All IM IDs On One Place [Cool Android App]

The usage of mobile phone for personal and business use is getting popular with each passing day. Mobile is now the device of choice for everyone for not only to communicate with other people but to be in touch with employees, clients and family on the go. Messengers are one of the handy tools that help you get connected with everybody else in a fast and convenient way. If you are an Android user and wants to sign in all your IM ids on one place – smile, IM+ Pro app does it smartly.

IM+ Pro Signs In You All IM IDs On One Place [Cool Android App]


IM + Pro is a multi-messenger for Android that connects to several IM services through one single app. So you need not to worry about having separate messenger and app for each individual IM client. By using this Android messenger app you can send and receive all instant messages in an easy way. It is best for frequent IM users to enjoy a superior app.

It supports all major IM clients including MSN, Yahoo, Skype, AOL, My Space, Google Talk, Jabber and Facebook. Furthermore it is a centralized app that will make you able to connect to all your favourite IM Apps at one time, as all IM clients are supported with their major features available through the IM + Pro .

IM + Pro is available in two versions. IM + is free though but you will have to sacrifice the large area of your screen for ads.  IM + Pro is paid version, fully customizable and completely ad-free.

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