Image Enhancer Lets You Browse And Edit Images Smartly

Do you often need to view and edit images? If yes, you ought to use Image Enhancer which is a small image browsing and editing Windows application that lets you browse and edit images smartly. Having graphical browser and displaying system, it even lets you perform various image editing functions such as cropping, splitting, enhancing and sharpening specific images.

After installation, it asks you to select language for the tool.

Once done selecting language, it will take you to main GUI of the application which asks for selecting the image extensions which you want to be managed by this tool.

From this window, manual shortcuts can also be assigned for different functioning of the application such as opening new image, selecting source, and pasting from clipboard, etc.

After assigning needed shortcuts, you can browse through different images to perform various tasks. Main window of the application looks like the following image.

It basically has three parts, on left is the browser where you can browse through your different hard disk partitions for finding and opening images. Once you select any folder, on top portion of this GUI, it displays the contents inside that specific folder. On right side, it contains the image editing panel from you can perform various image editing functions such as Enhancing the image, sharpening the image, blurring the image, cropping, splitting and many more. For example, I edited colors setting of a specific image as displayed below. In the same way you can perform your desired image editing actions from the given panel.

According to the developer it works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. I tested it on an x86 machine running on Windows 7 32bit OS.

Download Image Enhancer from HERE.

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