Beta Gives A New Interface To The Android IM Client

Fans of mobile IM client will be pretty happier to know that beta has been launched for Android platform. The beta version is redesigned with sleek new interface and many new exciting features. The beta version is much improved quite attractive, huge improvement and a lot easier to use than the current official version and comes with many handy features you all expect from it. It’s free to download and works on all Android devices.


The new features include: Beta For Android

–         New, simpler UI

–         Chat bubble notifications

–         Faster app and now with improved battery efficiency

–         Tabbed layout so that you can see all of your chats from one screen

–         While browser support for HTML5 is still limited, has introduced desktop notifications for new messages using the new version of HTML.

–         Voice IMs up to 30 seconds now can be sent directly from its web-based interface, with no download necessary, Going beyond the text and emoticon world of IM

–         Improved video chat interface

–         The ability to see where else you might be logged in, including Imo iPhone, iPad and Android apps.

This beta version of may become one of your favourite IM clients across all mobile platforms. The app can be simply downloaded from Android market, with multitude features that makes a pretty good choice/match for today’s multimedia driven IM user. This beta version only provide a preview of version 2.0, coming soon for the official app.



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