Impact Of Television On Child Brain, Good And Bad[Infographic]

Its a rule of nature. Every thing, living or non-living has a good and bad side; a pro and con. It can be extremely good or extremely bad. Television is one of those inventions. It can claim guilt over a number of things. Yet, on the contrary, this media is a huge educational tool. From childhood to teenage, we travel around different countries, get to see people doing innovations, different cultures, and lifestyles. It can be a huge source of inspiration for many. And when that inspiration heads towards extreme, it lays out negative vibes and effects.

This infographic, we are about to share reflects some facts about impact of television on Child’s brain. We look at doctor recommendations, actual child habits, what they watch on tv, and how does tv impact child’s brain overall. Graphic being light in colors with dark borders and colorful vectors give out a warm feel matching with the topic line. Hence, making the graphic easier to read and calm for eyes as well.


source: OnlineCollegeCourses


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