First Impression For Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon has announced its own cloud-based media streaming service– Amazon cloud player. “Amazon cloud player” is an entry of into the music streaming world. Now you don’t have to be limited to stream an encoded music (e.g. Pandora, Spotify), rather you can upload up load your existing music library and stream it from any computer or Android device- yes! that’s what Cloud player lets you do.

Amazon Cloud Player

After the initial testing of Cloud player, here comes the initial evaluation of Amazon’s streaming music service and its companion Android App:

–        Uploading: This can be said a very welcomed feature, as your hard drive is searched (this may take a while) for music and playlist when you first install Cloud Drive on your computer, and once done the uploading is very speedy. You can choose any music you want to play from your playlist.

–        Usability: Easy to use layout, easy to search and organize music, quick to load, and excitingly it offers you skip around to different points in your music, something not possible with most of the streaming music players on the market today.

–        Music Quality: There is not much difference to be identified by many users between Cloud player and a streaming service like Pandora.

–        Features: Some handy features that are not necessary but help to get a great music experience like, ability to let you do everything you want with in, ability to automatically download podcasts or the Genius recommendation feature, It doesn’t have iTunes’ or a lot of frills.

–        Price: Cloud player offers 5 GB free storage, but for those people looking to get more storage space they’ll be paying some extra amount. Amazon offers some good deals as compared to Pandora.

Amazon Cloud Player can prove to be Android’s killer app and a replacement of iTunes for many. It’s fully functional at the moment with the ability to play on-device and cloud-based music.



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