Infographic: Going to Web for self-diagnosis? Know Cyberchondria

If one Google’s Cyberchondria, this is what we get:

Cyberchondria (or cyberchondriasis) refers to the unfounded escalation of concerns about common symptomology based on review of search results and literature online. (wikepedia)

No one needs to stay in denial. Because it can be assumed that everyone has done that at some point in time. We have tried to diagnose ourselves on the basis of research and progress found on the world wide web. The recommended way is to consult a medical professional for diagnostics rather than do some research based on the internet.

Dangers of Self-Diagnosis

This infographic developed by gives an overview of the dangers of self -online-diagnosis. A number of facts and figures are considered. It’s interesting to know that people who do quick self-diagnostics at home, share their experiences when they end up visiting a medical professional. Infographic is very neatly designed (like others we get to share from insurancequotes) and highlights an important topic.

infographic self-diagnosis

On the end note, if you are feeling ill go see a doctor. Rather than doing a quick self-diagnosis and making an opinion of your own.



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