Infographic On How TV Impacts Kids

It’s a rule of nature. Everything, living or non-living has a good and bad side; pros and cons. It can be extremely good or extremely bad. Television is one of those inventions. It can claim guilt over a number of things. Yet, on the contrary, this media is a vast educational tool. From childhood to teenager, we travel around different countries and get to see people doing innovations, different cultures, and lifestyles. It can be a huge source of inspiration for many. And when that inspiration becomes extreme, it induces negative vibes and effects.

How TV Impacts Kids

Children are now spending more time than ever in front of screens and this is having an impact on them as they grow up. There is no denying that television has been a wonderful source of entertainment for adults and kids alike for decades now. There are many educational programs for kids which have helped them to develop their reading skills and find out about new topics in their own age group. However, there are also many pitfalls to watching too much television as a child. A lot of ways in which TV impacts kids.

This infographic reflects some facts about the impact of TV on Child brain. We look at doctor recommendations, actual child habits, what they watch on tv, and how tv impacts a child’s brain overall. Graphics being light in colours with dark borders and colourful vectors give out a warm feel matching the topic line. Hence, making the graphic easier to read and calm for the eyes as well. Let’s learn more about how TV impacts kids.

how tv impacts kids infographic

source: OnlineCollegeCourses

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