InONE Computer Is An Elegant All-in-one Computer

This is the age of aesthetical techno gadgets. All-in-One Computer is yet another aesthetic and cool looking technology gadget which one ought to look at. This sleeky and stylish computer is one of the master productions by its designer Jakub zahor. Mr. Jakub zahor has given it attention-grabbing appearance, not only its looks are eye-catching but its all composition is done fabulously.

This All-in-One Computer is given a beautiful screen with the size of 22 inch. The fancy styled keyboard is attached with it having touchpad functionality. Smartly designed speakers are attached to it and a digital tablet also. All these are built into one package connected wirelessly. The tablet displays whatever the user writes and draws on the screen so in this way you don’t need to look up at the screen every time.

Have a look at this fantastic composition of keyboard, touchpad, tablet, speakers and screen.

Its screen is made flexible; the angles are adjusted according to user’s choice and comfort.

Speakers’ adjustment is really mind blowing. This is becoming the most demanded tablet computer among the users. No price or point of purchase details have been mentioned yet.

[via: Yanko Design ]

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