Install Android Custom Splash Screen With Boot Flash For Rooted Devices

Good news: A new Android App which will allow you to install custom Splash Screens on your Device. Bad news: This great app only works on few devices (more from HTC).

Boot Flash, by name lets you choose a specific image from gallery and places it as your Phone’s splash screen. (first screen which comes up when the device is turned on / boot animation). A neat and simple concept but like we mentioned before it only works on some HTC devices for now. This app only works for rooted devices. According to developer, if you are using Inspire, Desire HD, G2, ThunderBolt, Vision, Desire Z  or Sensation, choose an image from gallery and splash screen is updated.  On other devices, after the image is chosen, device will reboot into Boot Loader. Press the lock button to choose Boot Loader. Press Volume Up button to navigate through, and install the update (splash screen). And once rebooted, the new splash screen is installed.

Hopefully updates can be seen in coming days for more devices.

imageDownload Boot Flash

– Search Boot Flash in Android Market
– Or scan the QR Code.

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