Install iPhone / iPod Touch Apps For Free With Installous

Install iPhone / iPod Touch Apps For Free With InstallousEver wondered what the big fuss of getting free apps on your iPhone was all about . It’s simpler than you might think. Let us walk you through. If you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch, Installous is your app to get all apps. Once installed (instructions for Installous installation process at the end of this post), you have access to most of the apps that are on the Apple app store along with plenty of apps that Apple didnt approve. Not only this, you can also download older versions of the apps you need.

Install iPhone / iPod Touch Apps For Free With InstallousInstall iPhone / iPod Touch Apps For Free With InstallousInstallous has been around almost since the launch of the official Apple app store but they recently switched to much better servers. The new installous’s download speeds are amazing and the interface very user friendly.

Installous Installation Instructions:

The install process remains the same, you need to add the repository to Cydia. Simply go into Cydia, navigate over to Manage, then click on Sources, and click Edit in the top right hand corner, then Add on the top left corner, once you’ve clicked add, type in “” into the http repository screen. Then tap on Add Source and it’ll give you a message about piracy. Click OK on the message and download Installous through this new repository.

ALERT: Cydia is not an app that you can download. It’s installed automatially after jailbreaking your device. Hence, you have a jailbroken iPhone only if you have the Cydia app. Installed.

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