iOS: Wirelessly Control Any Display with Free Remote Mouse

We all enjoy a nice media center connected to our HD TVs or gigantic computer screens that show cinematic magic with exceptional detail but what about controlling this wild horse from your couch or bed. Yepp, we have all been there- not my finest hours handling the huge keyboard like a remote.

Finally we can all breathe – No more need for big clumsy keyboard on the couch or trying to use the mouse on your lap, welcome Remote Mouse. This is one of the coolest apps that I have come accross. You can easily download the lite version from the app store or pay for the paid version that allows horizontal use of keyboard. The other option is for our readers with jailbroken iOS devices, simply head to Installous App on your device to download the full version for free.

Once your device is ready, simply download the remote app PC/ Mac companion software to your computer. The app is super small and installs lightning fast.  Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and click auto connect on the iPhone. That’s it . If auto connect doesn’t work then enter the IP address of the computer ( the remote mouse computer software shows your IP address) and click connect. However, auto connect worked every time for me.

There you have it, a cool mouse on the top half and the keyboard on the bottom half of your device. Super fast response time and no hassles. You can make it to auto connect every time you open the app for further convenience. I have used it for about a month now and have to say it’s the lightest most efficient remote control app I have come across.

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