Thursday, September 24, 2020

iPad 2 3G Is Sold Unlocked By AT&T In USA

The telecom market of United States often faced the issue of selling mobile and iPads being Sim locked or Unlocked. The same thing was happening with iPad generations. With the launch of first generation of iPad it was though sold unlocked but few ambiguities were residing there. Because there were two carriers for this iPad, one was AT&T and other was Verizon, users were keen to know weather the Apple will sell it unlocked in this market or not. But this didn’t happen within the launching period of 3G version of iPad2. iPad2 was sold by MuscleNerd ; it confirmed that it was sold as unlocked. Somehow the other the news regarding iPad2 sold being unlocked was expected by the market Geeks and users as well but to confirming for the ones who planned to use T-mobile rather than AT& T.

iPad 2 3G Is Sold Unlocked By AT&T In USA

All the lovers of iPad generations resides in United States, you can again celebrate this freedom of getting it unlocked! This news is a brain storming stuff for those who keep themselves awarded of advancements taking place in iPad trade.

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