Got iPad2 Display Problems And Wondering What To Do?

iPad 2 has two distinct problems “yellow displays” or “backlight bleed” may be due to a manufacturing problem. Some users reported that light is leaking around the edges of the display and that’s mostly visible when viewing some darker images.

iPad2 Display Problem

If one of yours iPad2 has a display problem too, don’t return the device. Here is why not to return iPad2 to Apple stated by Cultofmac.

-Users who returned the device for first, second or even for the third time , they are given three options keep the first one, take the second one, or order a third one. Some users are often offered a free smart cover to overcome the issue. But that’s not a solution to the problem. So Apple may not be able to resolve the issue any time soon so replacements are not going to be better choice.

– Apple may not be able to ship an iPad2 with a defect free screen at the moment. So you better ignore the issue at the moment. Exchanges are a bad idea right now, so don’t rush to replace your iPad2

-Reportedly Apple has been working to fix the issue after the problem has been identified as common in iPad2.

The better idea at this stage is to contact AppleCare and get a case number for an exchange. You got one year Apple warranty and two years if you bought AppleCare. So better to wait for problem to get fix as you have plenty of time to get a replaced iPad2.




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