Meridian For iPhone App Gives Turn-By-Turn Directions

Spot Light Mobile is seen for making iPhone applications. Now they released another free iPhone app that is named Meridian For iPhone.  This iPhone app helps you to make a path or a map to get to your destination. Basically it is developed for the users live Portland as they set their store locations with this iPhone. They also set one of their store locations so it can work even if you are not residing in Portland. Spot Light Mobile is trying hard to make this application available in working condition all over the world.

Meridian App

Meridian For iPhone free app is a navigator and discovery planner for you. It has the ability to draw its own map to help you out for looking for a sub-location out of the larger one. Its developer say that they are putting efforts to make this app this much powerful that it can search/find things inside the building also.

iOS App

Download it and check out how it works.




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