Want To Make Your iPhone or iOS Behave Or Look Like Android?

Most of the people really prefer the features of iOS to Android, but some of Android’s best features still can be appreciated. You can easily bring the features of Android to iOS in ample ways even if you don’t want to install Android on your iOs devices, and can enjoy best of both worlds. Some of them are as follows:

Lock Screen Widgets

Lock Screen iPhone / iOS device

You can do a lot to customize your iOS lock screen and even to add widgets with ease and simplicity. iOS lock screen customization tutorial can do this for you within 10 minutes. You will be able to add practically anything to your iOS device, which can be imagined in an android device. And feel free to try as you don’t need any programming skills to make some appealing modifications.




A self-effacing Notifications Bar

Notification Bar iPhone / iOS Device

Mobile Notifier is an excellent solution to the problem of annoying blue dialogue box notifications that interrupts you every time for SMS or an alarm clock. You no more need to be sick of these notifications as Mobile Notifier handles notifications similarly to the way Android does-all notifications are kept in always-accessible drawer and so you can continue doing what you’re doing. When you want to see all notifications, just double tap the home button and your notification drawer will appear.



Getting Google Apps

Google App For iPhone / iOS Device

The official Google Mobile app is an apparent choice for many users; you can have access to an extensive range of Google’s features. These may include:

  • Get Google Latitude and Google Earth for iOS
  • Google Voice
  • Google Reader to sync Google docs
  • Google Mobile Web apps



Better Voice Recognition

Want To Make Your iPhone or iOS Behave Or Look Like Android?

If you press home button for too long accidentally, what you see is iOS ‘VoiceOver’ . iOS Voice recognition capabilities are not much improved but two things are helpful for you. You can give both a try as they are free in the iTunes App store:

  • Voice search capabilities may increase by downloading official Google Mobile App
  • Dragon Dictation app will let you create notes, send SMS text messages and emails with your voice. Cool, isn’t it ?


Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Want To Make Your iPhone or iOS Behave Or Look Like Android?

Apple and Google together launched the coolest app of Maps when the iPhone was first released. But after three years it is now somewhat older and archaic. Android’s turn-by-turn navigation is such a momentous improvement over what Apple’s done with their Maps application that one of the biggest draws of Android is its Navigation app.


[ VIA : Lifehacker ]

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