iPhone & iPad Rumors – Apple Replacing Home Button On These Gadgets?

Well for all iPhone and Apple enthusiasts now a day there is one hot news – features of the new iPhone and iPad. On these new gadgets home button would be replaced by “multi tasking gestures” on screen. The screen would comprise of a camera with the similar resolution. It will have a built-in feature for Wi-Fi hotspots by supporting five devices, a Google latitude service resembling feature and so on.

IOS Beta mining, BGR blog and many others are discussing the same thing. These are some intelligent guesses along with some authentic reports by the developers working on the beta version of future iPhones and iPads. It is of no doubt to say that some of the technology geeks are always into for guessing some new information regarding this world. Yet such all news and rumors are still to be confirmed by Apple.

As the beta version has been released to the developers for iPhone and iPad it seems to have iOS 4.3. This softare contains lot of chunks for Apple world. Beta version is providing the information of having five upcoming devices. These would be the iPhone and ipads.

Next version of such iPads and iPhones are expected to hit the world before this summer.

[Thanks to all who spread this news]

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