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iSound Speakers Look Stylish [Cool PC Hardware]


Some folks are just mad for testing latest technology, but some are real freaks who want to design and develop their own gadgets, hardware and techno devices. There is a seriously broad range of speakers available in the market, but PCMofo a guy at PartsExpress technology forum has designed and built his own smart-looking speakers which are full of aesthetics; I must say!

He declares his creation as sensational; it is his big achievement indeed. He basically intended to use these with Apple’s 27′ cinema display though at first he borrowed some one’s 26′ iMac to include in speakers pictures with.

iSound Speakers Look Stylish [Cool PC Hardware]

Check out the following image and it looks just another Apple Production but it is not 🙂 .

iSound Speakers Look Stylish [Cool PC Hardware]

Hey pcmofo Apple might hire you to make their next generation hardware designs.

[via: MakeZine]

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