Japanese Set A New Twitter Record – 6,939 Tweets Per Second On New Year Eve!


Remember Japan’s victory against Denmark in last summer football worldcup when Twitter got new record of 3,283 Tweets Per Second (TPS). Not so surprisingly on new year evening, again Japanese set a new record – 6939 Tweets Per Second (TPS). Wow, its with big margin and well enough to declare Japanese a Twitter-Crazy nation!

According to Twitter Blog most tweeted and retweeted tweet on new year evening was Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu which means Happy New Year.

Japanese Set A New Twitter Record – 6,939 Tweets Per Second On New Year Eve!

On new year evening, Japanese workers get holiday and spend time with their close ones. Usually on each year’s start, mobile networks use to face sever glitches as everyone starts wishing new year to each other. This time specially, most of Japanese folks used Twitter as the main source to celebrate and wish new year.

Watch out following video which graphically shows the tweeting across the globe (especially across Japan) on new year’s evening.

This situation was not only in Japan but around other continents too; but TPS didn’t go to this big number anywhere else. We are seeing that with the passage of time, people are using Twitter more and more for many purposes. Some to mention include personal, businesses, marketing and promoting products and services.



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