JEFIT Pro Is A Workout & Fitness Related Android App

JEFIT Pro is an Android app for bodybuilders and for those who aim to get a peak physical condition. It is designed by bodybuilders who know what a bodybuilder wants and needs when going to the gym. The app is designed for bodybuilders to help them keep track of the progress they are making. You can design every routine to include any exercise you like i.e. your fitness programs for the week, daily exercises, time-wise limits for your exercises etc.

JEFIT Pro Android App

JEFIT Pro’s redesigned version offers the following key advantages:

– Added progress bars for benchmark exercises.

– Added progress bars and target bars for body stats.

– Bug-fixed: “Beat it” value on timer page.

– Charts for tracking workout and body stats

– Workout Planner with hundreds of workout exercises.

– Smart workout logs.

– Super-set workout

– Bodybuilding/weight training/fitness App

– Landscape mode is fully supported.

You can also make use of the following options:

– Evaluate the progress you’ve made using a diagram

– Helpful chronological notes regarding individual exercises

Download Jefit from Google Play



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