Jungle Puzzle game

Check Out Jungle Gem That is An Exciting Puzzle Android Game

Jungle Puzzle gameAnother Android app for making children busy and giving ease to their parents.  Children often like to play puzzle games because they are indulged into it and it gives them the joy of being adventures. Not only children some youngster also likes to play puzzles and win that. This game is a puzzle game composed of Gems. The main theme of this game is all about touching Gems of the same color. This is all about vanishing the gems that are in same color.

If you continue touching the neighboring Gems, you will enter into a new stage. While playing through different stages you will come across certain powers that are made as power of angry animals. This power will help you to get certain features available in the game.  To earn more scores you need to vanish more gems.  This is free to download.

Download it and resolve it to the highest stage.



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