Kineo Is An Android Tablet with a Focus on Education

In an educational technology conference held at Florida, Brainchild showed their Android Tablet that focuses on education. They named it Kineo which is the first educational Android tablet that is designed with the help of teachers and administration. It gives worry-free way to use internet-based leaning programs. This device’s special focus is on primary and middle education. Aimed to be distributed in classrooms, it keeps the schools and student safe.

Kineo Is An Android Tablet with a Focus on Education

It has pre-programmed websites in it, so that students can use only them. It doesn’t support the texting stuff as it is made purely for learning. Having the capability of delivering tutorials it retests students to examine their progress. It can also evaluate the performance of a student.

Kineo has a 7-inch 800×480 touch screen with 800MHz CPU. It gives a storage capacity of 2GB with HDMI out and Wi-Fi. It provides the multimedia facilities as it is an MP4 player along with flash support. It is secured against student tempering. The battery has 10-12 hours running time period with 4500 mAh. This educational tablet costs $299.99 .

From the press release:

Schools want to use tablets and handheld devices in the classroom but the dangers loom large and the cost can be prohibitive. Brainchild has a solution. Kineo—being launched today by Brainchild ( at the Florida Educational Technology Conference—is the first Android™ tablet eBook reader created exclusively for education with built-in features that keep schools andstudents safe (video link).

“Learning devices need to enhance instruction, not be a distraction. With over 15 years of experience in developing handhelds and software for schools, we know how to make a tablet device suited to a teacher’s needs for individualized instruction,” said Jeff Cameron, president of Brainchild. “Teachers can be confident that Kineo is a secure and safe handheld instructional device because Kineo removes the temptation for students to text or surf.”

Kineo was designed in close cooperation with teachers and administrators who stressed that security features were critical. Unlike other tablets that can surf the Internet at will, Kineo can only access websites that are pre-programmed by the administrator or teacher. In addition, messaging capabilities have been disabled to make sure that students use it for learning, not texting.

Kineo is durable enough for the demands of daily classroom use. It includes Wi-Fi®, plays multimedia and video files, includes a 4500 mAh battery that runs for 10-12 hours and features a super heavy-duty touch screen rated to handle 500,000 impressions.

Kineo is perfectly suited to capitalize on the power of Brainchild’s Achiever!web-based assessment and standards-based instruction program. Achiever!evaluates performance and then delivers tutorials and retests students to determine progress on state standards in mathematics, language arts and science. GlobalSYNC then synchronizes Achiever! data from every Kineo and computer and makes it easy for teachers to manage from a convenient web-based interface.

“A classroom full of Kineos is easy to manage and a worry-free way to use Internet-based learning programs like Achiever!,” added Cameron. “A teacher can have full confidence that when her students are working on Kineos, they are on task and won’t get into trouble.”

See Kineo in action at FETC 2011 (Florida Educational Technology Conference) in Orlando, January 31-February 3 in Booth 231. Orders will be taken starting February 1 for March shipment. The cost per Kineo is $299.99.




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