Know About TikTok Infographic

We are well aware of social media apps with billions of users, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. But then there are these niche social media apps which have their own user base. And keeping in mind – it’s no less in number of users either. TikTok is one such social media app that’s gaining traction. It’s a video-based app with short, looping videos and a focus on user-generated content. Users are encouraged to create their own comedy sketches or music videos or to share the videos of other users. The name Tik Tok is derived from the sound effects created when someone takes a bite out of a pop tart. TikTok has been around since 2015 as an app for Apple and Android.

TikTok is one of the recent sensations which has been popular yet controversial at the same time. With around 500 million users, this video-sharing social networking service is everywhere. Vizion Online, a digital marketing agency from London (UK) created an interesting, text-heavy Tiktok infographic about this social media service as a business.

It highlights key aspects of the app since its release in 2016. We get to know the history, statistics, marketing business, influencer market and hashtag challenges. Infographic has an interesting colour layout and is text-heavy – though contains a lot of interesting insights about this social media application.

Tiktok Infographic

tiktok infographic

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