Thursday, September 24, 2020

Know What Phones Can Reveal About Us And Things Do If You Lose One [Infographic]

Those days are long gone when cellphones were used to dial numbers, and at most send a message. Currently, everything is done on the phone. Its your mini-computer on the go!. Be it banking, emails, scheduling, networking… Every major aspect has a connectivity towards cellphones or smartphones. Yet in today’s fast paced life, we forget that what harm this technology can bring to us, if we are not careful. Losing a smartphone can bring chaos in your life for a minimal day. Studies show that since last 2 years (2010), identity theft has went up by 13%. Point being, a big contribution is being made by the huge outflow of smartphones in consumer market.

This infographic, tells us about our smartphones and what they are capable of revealing. We find some interesting facts about people, what they are likely to see or ‘check-out’ if they get their hands on one, information a smartphone can reveal, and what to do if you lose one. Decent design and color scheme makes it easier for the reader to go throw the information and facts. Moreover, tips have been given in order to prepare for the worst. Enjoy and feel free to comment. (click image for better view).

From: Background Check Resource

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